[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] Volunteers for Booth at O'Reilly Open Source Conference

David Mandel dmandel at pdxLinux.org
Fri Jul 4 13:01:04 PDT 2003

PLUG has a booth at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference on Wednesday
July 9, 2003 and Thursday July 10, 2003.  I was sort of coordinating
things for this, but I have taken a NEW JOB and won't be available.
As a result, Dale Zeutenhorst <dzeut at MicroSharp.com> has been kind
enough to step in at the last minute and take over.  He will need
volunteers to help man (or woman) the booth.


    (1)  If anyone has any ideas on the best (and cheapest) way
         of using this space and want to help contact Dale.

    (2)  Also, I signed up for the booth as the Portland Linux/Unix Group,
         but we would love to have people from the Mid-Willamette
         Valley Linux Users Group and the Eugene Linux Users Group
         and the groups in Astoria and Tillamook and Bend and Medford
         or where ever.   If anyone is coming from where ever bring
         some literature for the table if you have any.  Also, a small
         sign would be nice.  Since we registered as the Portland
         Linux/Unix Group the conference will provide us with a sign
         (I assume), but we are happy to share with other groups.
         This booth is definitely non-commercial, but it is ok
         to make people aware of key group sponsors and group
         consultant lists and things like that.  Just keep it low key.
         Is Free Geek coming to the conference?  If not, we would
         have some of their flyers on the table.  What about

    (3)  Finally, we need volunteers to man the booth.
         If you don't have a conference pass at this point, you may
         still be able to get one by volunteering to man the booth,
         but volunteer SOON.  Dale needs to get the name of our
         volunteers to O'Reilly ASAP.  We are really late on this.
         Also, I don't know what type of pass O'Reilly will give
         conference volunteers, but they have hinted that it might
         be a pretty good pass if there aren't too many of them.
         So, it you want to volunteer contact:
                    Dale Zeutenhorst <dzeut at MicroSharp.com>
         with your:
                    Name (first and last):
                    Email address:
                    Phone number:
                    Information Dale can use to schedule you.

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