David Mandel dmandel at pdxLinux.org
Mon Jan 3 00:45:54 PST 2005

                         MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                    The Portland Linux/Unix Group
                              will meet
                    7 PM Thursday Jan 6, 2005
                      Portland State University
                                in the
                        Smith Memorial Center
                               Room 298
                       On the block bounded by
   SW Montgomery, SW Broadway (7th), SW Harrison, and SW Park (9th)


                               An Introduction
                    High Performance Cluster File Systems


                                 Michael Ewan
                          Senior Systems Programmer
                              Intel Corporation
                            michael.ewan at intel.com

      This will be an overview of High Performance Cluster File 
      Systems including storage aggregation, high performance file 
      servers using protocols other than NFS, and availale free 
      cluster file systems such as PVFS, PVFS2, Lustre, and commercial 
      offerings such as GPFS, GFS, CXFS, TerraScale and Ibrix Fusion.


              7:00 - 7:30  Business
                   We will discuss the status of our ongoing projects 
                   including PLUG's monthly Advanced Topics meetings, 
                   PLUG's monthly hands on clinics, PLUG for Education,
                   Microsharp is no longer hosting pdxLinux.org.
                   This task has gone to our good friends at 
                   www.NakedApe.cc.  We will discuss the going 
                   conversion to their server(s).
                   David Mandel will also give the group an update
                   on room reservations for 2005.
                   We will also discuss ways of finding speakers for
                   future meetings.

              7:30 - 8:30  Presentation
                   See above
              9:00 - ...  Beer
                                  The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
                                  915 SE Hawthorne
                                          David Mandel
                                          Chief Activist
                                          Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                          560 SE Alexander
                                          Corvallis, Oregon 97333
                                          (541) 684-4644 at work
                                          (541) 730-5285 mobile
                                          dmandel at pdxLinux.org
          P.S.  Biznix which specializes in Linux and UNIX support for 
                the Business Computer User meets on the second 
                Thursday of the month at the Novell offices in Tigard.
                See http://www.Bizix.org for details.
          P.S.  PDXLUG provides a less formal alternative to PLUG 
                emphasizing the needs of new users.   PDXLUG meets 
                every second Thursday of the month in southeast Portland.
                See http://www.PDXLUG.org for details.

          P.S.  The Mid Willamette Valley Linux Users Group meets at
                Oregon State University (generally Owen Hall room 101)
                on the first Tuesday of the month.
                See http://www.mwvlug.org/ for details.
          P.S.  The Eugene Linux Users Group meets several times a month.
                See http://www.euglug.org for details.

   David Mandel, Instructor            http://www.PioneerPacific.edu
                          Other Affiliations
   David Mandel                        http://www.DavidMandel.com
   Portland Linux/Unix Group           http://pdxLinux.org
   LinuxFund                           http://LinuxFund.org

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