[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] [lug] MWVLUG - XML - 8/3 - 6:30 Meeting @ PEAK

John Sechrest sechrest at jas.peak.org
Sat Jan 29 11:38:35 PST 2005

  Asterisk - VOIP PBX for your home or business	
  Louis Ross and Gary Oliver

   MWVLUG Meeting
   Tuesday Night

   At PEAK Internet Services - Corner of 15th and Western in Corvallis.
   Use the South Entrance facing the south parking lot. 	     

   A New Phone system from scratch --

   With a linux box, a couple of cards, a bit of software and 
   a network, you can build a phone system that allows you to 
   use the Internet to carry Voice Over IP traffic, which 
   has a direct connection to the telephone system. 

   Asterisk is a Open Source package that will turn your
   linux machine into a phone switch. Add to it a SIP
   phone, or a Soft phone, and you have the making
   of a PBX system that is very powerful.

   Gary and Louis will show how to install Asterix and 
   what the set up in order to create a PBX for your 
   home. This allows you to use your computer as
   a phone. It allows you to take a trip to the coast,
   and have the phone on your motel room network ring 
   as an extension to your home phone number. 


   We will talk about things like:

   Can I have a voice mail box that sends me email?

   Can I have an extension on my home phone that forwards
   to my cell phone when I am not at home

   Can I set my phone never to accept a phone call from 
   certain people?

   Can I hook my MP3 collection to my phone for 
   music on hold?

   Can I program how my phone works based on time slots? 

   Do you want a more flexible phone system, come 
   see how you can make one out of your linux machine.

   Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=search&countryid=250

   Come Join us for Beer after the meeting at Clod Feldters. 
   We try to get there between 8:30 and 9:00.


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