[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] ANNOUNCEMENT: Advanced Topics February 16th 2005

Alan alan at clueserver.org
Mon Feb 14 10:30:53 PST 2005

Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics

Speaker:            Michael Rasmussen
Subject:            Shutting the Door

Date:               February 16th 2005
Time:               7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location:           Jax 826 SW 2nd Ave
                    Portland, OR

Someone trying to access system accounts in your network?  Spammers
sending mail to any account name they can think up?  Shut the door on
network miscreants.  The talk will describe how simple it was it
implement a Perl based process to watch log files and update iptables
rules to "shut the door" on their access.

Usual meeting rules apply. Happy Hour meal prices for the first hour. 

Void where prohibited by natural law.

Jag vill inte köpa den här lutefisk , den er skrapet.

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