[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] Re: [PLUG] ANNOUNCEMENT: Advanced Topics February 16th 2005 - Problem

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Mon Feb 14 18:17:13 PST 2005

Alan wrote:
> Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics
> Speaker:            Michael Rasmussen

Rasmussen here.  Maybe make that "brains by Microsoft" Rasmussen
or "CAS settings out of spec" Rasmussen or "cache lookup failure".

I'm having dental surgury tomorrow and Wednesday. (yes, some people
have all the luck.) And I'm coming down with the cold that has struck
so many.  (Maybe hastened by riding through cold and rain over the 

The chances of me making it to the AT meeting on Wednesday don't 
look good. The chances of me making it there without a brain impaired
by strong pain medication is ... close to zero.  While it may be
entertaining to observe me trying to think and speak at the same time
under that influence the AT meetings are about information.  

This is a call for a substitute speaker. 

You won't receive eternal thanks, but my beer and wine cellar has some
mighty fine samples.  (Russell Senior can attest to the quality, he's
been to my house for a summer picnic.) If alcohol doesn't float your
boat we'll figure something else out.

Yes, that's a bribe.  Reply to Alan.

    Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
  Be appropriate && Follow your curiosity
   Get Fixed:  http://www.dampfixie.org
  The fortune cookie says:
There is a Massachusetts law requiring all dogs to have their hind legs
tied during the month of April.

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