[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] Tonight's Meeting: Last Minute Change of Plans

David Mandel dmandel at pdxLinux.org
Thu Mar 3 16:13:29 PST 2005

I work with our planned speaker, Dan Carrere, in Springfield.
Due to health issues (a bad case of the flu), neither of us can
make it to Portland tonight.  As a result,

    -  Eric Harrison will lead a discussion of selected topics,
       things people are having problems with  and want to discuss.
       We used to do this from time to time, but haven't in quite

    -  We have a speaker scheduled for April (on Open Source GIS).

    -  Dan Carrere has rescheduled the voice over IP talk for May.

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   P.S.  Sorry about waiting so long to change the schedule, but I
   was hoping to get better sooner.  Instead, I got worse.
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