[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] ANNOUNCEMENT: Advanced Topics March 16th 2005 **UPDATE**

Alan alan at clueserver.org
Wed Mar 16 14:27:58 PST 2005

[Note: This is a change from the previous announcement.]

Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics

Speaker:            Shawn Savage
		    savages at savages.net
Subject:            Mozilla, the IDE
                    (Internet Development Environment)

Date:               March 16th 2005
Time:               7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location:           Jax 826 SW 2nd Ave
                    Portland, OR

Mozilla, the IDE
(Internet Development Environment)

The future of Internet is building a solid base that future foolish 
features can be added.  The architecture of Mozilla allow for easy 
customization.  In 6 months with 20 employees I can build IE-7 that 
follows standards, MS can't even follow the standards.  Firefox/
can run on the Linux, PS2, CRAY, and Windoz mobile. Understand how it

Usual meeting rules apply. Happy Hour meal prices for the first hour. 

"All power is derived from the barrel of a GNU." Mao Tse Stallman

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