[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] Announcement: Linux Clinic this Saturday

Dan Haskell danh at f2it.com
Fri Oct 14 10:27:35 PDT 2005

           *** Portland Linux User's Group (PLUG) Announcement ***

              The Linux Clinic - third Saturday of every month

                                Linux Clinic
                              October 15, 2005
                                  1PM - 4PM

                             Riverdale High School
                           9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
                            Portland, Oregon 97219

    What to bring:
      * Your computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
      * Any relevant peripherals (printer, modem, etc).
      * Your Linux distribution (if you have already installed).
      * The manuals for your hardware - especially your monitor manual.

    Resources available:
      * Volunteers skilled in Linux installation and maintenance.
      * The PLUG CD library (including several recent Linux
      * Very high-speed Internet connection
      * Ethernet drops.
      * Infocus projector for demonstrations.
      * An extra Linux box for experimenting.
      * A number of reference materials

    For directions to the school see:

    For questions regarding the Clinics email Dan Haskell at:
    dhaskell at acm.org

    For information about PLUG or the Clinics see:

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