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Here's a special OSCON-themed newsletter to share with your members.

It's not too late to register for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in
Portland July 23-27, 2007

Use the "locals only" discount and get 20% off the
registration price for OSCON. Use code "os07pdxug" when you

To register, go to:

Or for Ubuntu Live July 22-24, 2007:

We're offering a special $100 pass for UG member to Ubuntu Live in
Portland, Oregon.

Use code "ubu07fvtw" when you register at:

Just in case you missed it here's a song about Perl on YouTube by
Pudge who might just be making a guest appearance during the Perl
Lightening Talks this year:

See you there,


O'Reilly News--OSCON Newsletter
July 16, 2007

O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2007:





For a complete schedule, go to:

Official OSCON 2007 Wiki:

Special Events at OSCON

***July 24 O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing
Tim and the Radar team suss out the shape of the future of open source.
Join them as they explore trends, companies, and projects that matter
today and point to what you'll need to know in the near future. Intimate
by design, the Executive Briefing is more about conversation than formal
presentation. Seating for the Executive Briefing is limited:

Read Tim's Radar Posts for more information on topics you won't want to

Why Congress Needs a Version Control System

The GPL and Software as a Service

****July 25-26 O'Reilly Booth Activities, 10:00am-5:00pm
Re-Charge your Batteries or Be a Party Animal! Stop by the O'Reilly
Watering Hole (Booth # 701) and--

-Have a drink
-Enter our raffle drawing
-Play some darts
-Contribute to our Poetry Wall
-Learn about Short Cuts
-Find out about everything we're up to
-Relax with authors, friends, and colleagues

***July 25 Expo Hall Reception, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Have a drink and mingle with other OSCON participants and see the latest
products, projects, services, and gadgets from sponsors and exhibitor in
Exhibit Hall D.

****July 25-26 2007 OSCAMP, 9:00am-6:00pm
A grassroots cooperative effort with O'Reilly, OSCAMP seeks to organize
the fringe of activity that has grown up around OSCON during the last
several years so that the entire shindig can rock even more! Come
together to network, write code, have fun and learn about the cool
things that are afoot in the movement.

***July 23-26, BoFs--Birds of a Feather

Times as follows:
Date: Monday, July 23, 2007
Time: 5:30PM - 9:30PM

Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions
Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Time: 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions
Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007
Time: 7:30PM - 10:30PM

OSCON Related Special Events

****July 24 PDX.rb presents FOSCON III: Really Radical Ruby, 7:30pm

The Portland Ruby Brigade will be hosting an evening of wide-ranging
talks about Ruby. This year the focus is on people doing strange things
with Ruby. Strange, of course, is anything just a bit outside the
expected. If you've created a new Ruby-based interface for hacking your
brand new internet-enabled phone (rPhone anyone?) or composed your
latest bit of metaprogramming magic, we'd love to hear about it.

Using the lightning talk idea you'll get 10 minutes (give or take a few)
to talk. Make it especially interesting and they might even give you an
extra minute or two. Send an email to tlockney+foscon at gmail.com in
advance if you are interested in presenting or show up early on the 24th
to sign up for a possible slot.

****Powell's Technical Book Event July 24-26

- Tuesday,  July 24--Phil Torrone, 6pm
Make magazine senior editor and blogger Phil Torrone will show off his
hobbyist skills at Powell's Technical Books. Torrone will demonstrate
how to make open source hardware.

- Wednesday, July 25--Beautiful Code, 7:30pm
See a panel of A-list programmers discuss problems and challenges in
software development. They will discuss "Beautiful Code: Leading
Programmers Explain How They Think." The all-star panel features Andy
Oram, chromatic, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Karl Fogel, and Simon Peyton Jones.
Ward Cunningham will moderate this lively discussion.

-Thursday July 26--Scott Berkun, 6pm
Author Scott Berkun asks timeless, important questions in his latest
book, "The Myths of Innovation." How do you know whether a new
technology will succeed or fail? Where will the next big idea come from?
We think we know what innovation is, but Berkun dispels the myths.

****July 26 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards, 6pm-9 pm
SourceForge.net is throwing a party to honor their top projects and
you're invited! They've rented out the Jupiter Hotel--one of Portland's
hottest spots--for a night of drinks, food, prizes and surprises to
announce the winners of our Second Annual SourceForge.net Community
Choice Awards. This is a FREE event but space is limited. If you'd like
to attend, please RSVP by July 20 to: cca at corp.sourceforge.com

***Find even more OSCON Events at:

Ubuntu Live July 22-24
OSCON tutorials coincide with Ubuntu Live--the first official event for
the global Ubuntu community--for those looking to delve further into all
that Ubuntu has to offer.

Special Events at Ubuntu Live:

-July 22--Fun, Food & Drink
Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

-July 22, Sunday Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs)
Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM

-July 23, Monday Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs)
Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM

New Releases--Books and Short Cuts
Get 35% off from O'Reilly, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing,
Pragmatic Bookshelf, Rocky Nook, SitePoint, or YoungJin books
you purchase directly from O'Reilly.

Just use code DSUG when ordering online or by phone 800-998-9938.

***bash Cookbook
ISBN 10: 0596526784
"bash Cookbook" teaches shell scripting the way Unix masters practice
the craft. It presents a variety of recipes and tricks for all levels of
shell programmers so that anyone can become a proficient user of the
most common Unix shell--the bash shell--and cygwin or other popular Unix
emulation packages. Packed full of useful scripts, along with examples
that explain how to create better scripts, this new Cookbook gives
professionals and power users everything they need to automate routine
tasks and enable them to truly manage their systems--rather than have
their systems manage them.

***Beautiful Code
ISBN 10: 0596510047
How do the experts solve difficult problems in software development? In
this unique and insightful book, leading computer scientists offer case
studies that reveal how they found unusual, carefully designed solutions
to high-profile projects. You'll be able to look over the shoulder of
major coding and design experts as they work through their project's
architecture, the tradeoffs made in its construction, and when it was
important to break rules.

***Mastering Perl
ISBN 10: 0596527241
This is the third in O'Reilly's series of landmark Perl tutorials, which
started with "Learning Perl," the bestselling introduction that taught
you the basics of Perl syntax, and "Intermediate Perl," which taught you
how to create re-usable Perl software. "Mastering Perl" pulls everything
together to show you how to bend Perl to your will.

***MySQL Pocket Reference, Second Edition
ISBN 10: 0596514263
This handy pocket reference gives you instant reminders on how to use
important MySQL functions, especially in conjunction with key parts of
the LAMP open source infrastructure. MySQL is so rich in features that
no administrator or programmer can stay familiar with all of them. MySQL
Pocket Reference is an ideal on-the-job companion, well organized to
help you find and adapt the statements you need--quickly.

***PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development
ISBN 10: 0596513798
If you are dealing with large projects on a daily basis, you know that
the most difficult task is to deliver products on time and within a
budget. However, many factors can influence those variables, including
the programming language development methods you choose.

***Regular Expression Pocket Reference, Second Edition
ISBN 10: 0596514271
This handy little book offers programmers a complete overview of the
syntax and semantics of regular expressions that are at the heart of
every text-processing application. Ideal as a quick reference, "Regular
Expression Pocket Reference" covers the regular expression APIs for Perl
5.8, Ruby (including some upcoming 1.9 features), Java, PHP, .NET and
C#, Python, vi, JavaScript, and the PCRE regular expression libraries.

***Ruby Pocket Reference
ISBN 10: 0596514816
Although Ruby is an easy language to learn, in the heat of action you
may find that you can't remember the correct syntax for a conditional or
the name of a method. This handy pocket reference offers brief yet clear
explanations of Ruby's core components, from operators to reserved words
to data structures to method syntax, highlighting those key features
that you'll likely use every day when coding Ruby.

Until next time--

Marsee Henon

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