[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] LPI Exams at FreeGeek

lar lavrik at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 11:37:44 PDT 2007

Many, many, many thanks to Mike for doing my work for me!

> Laurel at FreeGeek is looking to give the LPI exams at the FreeGeek
> facilities Sun Aug 26.
True. I'm also less flexible than usual on the date, because that's
just a couple of days before i leave the country for three weeks.

> * Laurel needs to hear from you by Fri Aug 3 *
> (sorry for the late notice)
I'm more sorry, 'cause it's actually my fault. But upon further
consideration, although i'm supposed to order the exams three weeks in
advance, they usually come within two. I don't want to cut it too
close, but i think i can extend the deadline until Monday without
taking too much risk. so: let me know if you can make it (a firm
commitment) by Monday, August 6.

> When given by FreeGeek, the cost per exam is $40 (cash or check only)

> It's possible to take two exams on Aug 26
If there's sufficient interest.

> LPI Level 1 (101 / 102) and Level 2 (201 / 202) exams are available

>    (I've heard that the LPI/Ubuntu 199 exam is also available)
I'll check. I haven't heard about that, but they don't send me updates
or anything.

> The exams as given by FreeGeek are given by paper and pencil.

> She wants to put in the order for the exam tomorrow (Fri Aug 3), as she
> needs a three week lead time to receive them in time for Aug 26.
See above. We'll call it Monday, the 6th to assuage my guilt a little.

> As I remember, she needs your LPI ID. If you don't already have an LPI
> ID, register at http://www.lpi.org/en/lpi/english/candidate_area .
It's more that *you* need your LPI ID, at the time of the test. If you
send it to me, then you have insurance against forgetting it on the
day of.

Also, there's some flexibility about time. Free Geek is closed on
Sundays, that's why we do it then. I usually go for early afternoon,
so people aren't taking it on morning-brain - but maybe that's better
for you. So when you email me, you can tell me what your time
preference is.
And then we can get our certification on!

Thanks to Mike and all y'all.

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