[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] ANNOUNCMENT - PLUG Advanced Topics Wednesday April 15, 2009 - NEW LOCATION

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Tue Apr 14 14:01:05 PDT 2009

PLUG Advanced Topics Meeting
Wednesday April 15th, 2009  7pm

As you may or may not heard, we have lost our old location at Jax Bar
for the Advanced Topics meetings.

The New Location is at:
  Roots Organic Brewery
  1520 SE 7th Ave
  Portland, OR 97214

Speaker:     Keith Lofstrom  <keithl at keithl.com>

Subject: Server Sky - Internet and Computing in Orbit

Large data may soon consume 50MW or more of electrical energy.  The EPA
estimated US data center power consumption in 2006 at 60 billion kilowatt
hours, or 1.5% of total US power consumption, and predicts a doubling by
2011. This will have huge environmental, social, and economic consequences
unless we find alternative ways to power our digital economy.

Server sky is a proposal to build large dispersed arrays of ultralight
solar powered server satellites and launch them into 6400km equatorial
earth orbits, between the inner and outer Van Allen belts.   There is
room in these orbits for billions of server-sats.

A 30 gram server-sat consists of a thinned 12 inch solar cell, with
power efficient processors, solid state memory, and microwave
transceivers bonded to the edges. Thousands of server-sats position
themselves into dozens of dispersed three dimensional arrays (hundreds
of meters on a side) using light pressure for thrust and liquid-crystal
shutters for trimtab steering.  A server-sat array acts as a large
phased array antenna, permitting it to steer thousands of communication
beams at receiving stations and communities under its position in orbit,
handing off communication and control to the server-sat arrays that
follow it in orbit.

Earth can return to what it is good at – green and growing things – while
space can be filled with gray and computing things.  More information at

note:  This is my first practice session of the talk I am preparing
for LinuxFest on April 25th.  Some slides aren't finished yet, so
PLUG attendees can help me generate some.  Tools:  Openoffice,
gnuplot, libgd (C, C++, and Perl), PNG and animated GIF graphics.


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