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Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Feb 18 18:53:25 PST 2010

Dear Abby:

My computer is misbehaving again.  Blue screens, spam, viruses.  My
younger kids want to play something called "tux racer", and Jennifer
wants to use something called "git" to patch a colonel.  I didn't
know she even liked military officers.  Melinda prefers a gnome to
me, and wants a new driver.  I'm afraid she will leave me unless I
am more open.  Can you help?

--- Bill from Redmond

Dear Bill:

It is not too late to repair your shambles of a life.  You should
bring your computer and your family to the Windaholics Anonymous
Clinic at Free Geek in Portland on Sunday February 21 at 1PM.  They
can take you through a twelve step program, starting with plugging
your computer into the provided higher power, as well as network,
wireless, keyboard, screen, and mouse.  The next step is Service
Pack Linux, in your choice of decorator colors:  Fedora Red, Ubuntu
Orange, even Slackware Silver.  The kindly clinicians will help you
end your addiction to dancing paperclips and phone-book-sized EULAs. 

You can even bring your friend Steve, but please do not let him dance.

--- Abby

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