[PLUG-JOBS] Job Opportunity

Jacob Post jpost at orpca.org
Fri Nov 11 16:41:23 PST 2005

I'm looking for someone to manage the computer system at our small
organization.  There are currently 13 desktops running Windows XP, but the
backend systems will be Linux.  The position will only demand a few hours of
work per week.

The job would entail:
  * Overseeing the backup system
  * Administrating the Linux firewall/router
  * Administrating the Linux SAMBA fileserver
  * Occasional desktop support for the Windows users
  * Occasional purchase and setup of a new Windows desktop
  * Occasional software installation and troubleshooting on the Windows
  * Etc.

Please contact me for more information.

I will also be attending the advanced topic talk on November 16th at Jax;
you could talk to me afterwards (our organization is in the same building).

  - Jacob Post

Jacob Post                                      jpost at orpca.org
Oregon Primary Care Association                 http://orpca.org/
110 SW Yamhill St., Suite 300                   Ph:  503 228 8852
Portland, OR  97204                             Fx:  503 228 9887

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