[PLUG-JOBS] Unix Systems Engineer / Admin position

James W Abendschan jwa at jammed.com
Mon Oct 24 20:06:54 PDT 2011

Hi there -- our little ops group is looking for Unix Systems Engineer / Admin types to help us work on the infrastructure behind nike.com; see below for details. If you're interested, send me your (plain-text) resume.  

Principals only, please -- this job will be eventually posted @ http://jobs.nike.com but I am impatient  :)


As our Senior System Integration Engineer, you'll be joining the Consumer Digital Technology organization. Digital brings together technology and process expertise into one streamlined, consumer- and customer-oriented team. We deliver one-stop, integrated process and technology solutions that enable Nike, Inc.'s businesses and brands worldwide.

In this position, you will help us modernize our infrastructure and deployment stack. You'll programmatically manage both traditional and IaaS infrastructure across multiple hosting providers. You'll help platform-ize our Java application stack to enable more rapid build out of both production and development systems. You'll help package in-house as well as third party code so it can be rapidly and repeatably deployed across multiple providers. You'll guide developers on how to best develop and layout their applications to ensure stability and portability.  You'll build or improve monitoring frameworks. You'll build or extend tools to enable self-service at all levels of the operations stack so it's easy and safe for our users to deploy new applications with a minimum of handholding. You'll eagerly share your knowledge with your teammates as well as the larger Nike tech community.


* You are a Unix systems admin/engineer who loves writing code, or a programmer who loves Unix and Internet systems engineering.
* You are experienced in Linux and Solaris. You can write shell scripts, though you prefer to write puppet code instead. You know what 'ifconfig' is for. You know how to inspect running processes. You know how to diagnose routing issues on a multihomed server. 
* You are proficient in at least one programming language. On the operations side of the house, we use about 80% perl, 20% ruby, so our preference is for someone with a similar bent, but if you are mainly a Java programmer who deeply groks Unix, we can make room for you :-)
* You have used puppet, chef, or rolled your own high-level DSL for managing your systems. You know the value of abstractions but also know how to get to the underlying bits when needed.
* You can communicate with other humans. You are able to talk with remote-hands outsourced offshored people about how the machine is broken, and the sequence of commands necessary to repair it. You are able to tell when they type the word "control see" instead of hitting ^C, and gently guide them towards the correct keystrokes.
* You are at home with Internet infrastructure components.  You know how to troubleshoot DNS problems, firewall misconfigurations, and un-balanced load balancers.
* You know what a SYN packet does. You know what comes next, and what happens if it doesn't. You know how to use tcpdump.
* You speak HTTP. You can interpret firebug/httpwatch sessions. You know how to talk to a webserver from the command line. 
* You know what SSL is. You know how to inspect a SSL certificate from a remote server without using a web browser.
* You version control everything. You dream of putting your entire infrastructure under version control.

Really good to have:

* You have managed a large group of web applications. You came up with clever ways to deploy them without incurring outages, and how to deploy them without writing lots of little shell scripts.
* You have built a deployment pipeline and streamlined the idea -> production process.
* You have slaved away in a Java environment (perhaps JBoss or Tomcat) for long enough to know that your awesome unix tools don't do nearly enough to show you what's happening inside of the JVM.
* You know enough SQL to know what it's good for. You have setup a relational database of some kind. You have tuned it or scaled it when it failed.
* You have used EC2, either for fun or in production.
* You have worked in an ecommerce or high-volume web environment.
* You have run the same app in multiple datacenters in parallel.
* You are familiar with DR.
* You know what to do when Apache hits MaxClients.


* You have used IaaS or PaaS offerings.
* You are familiar with virtualization.
* You are familiar with CDNs such as Akamai.
* You have been in a PCI environment, or have a keen interest in securing Unix machines or webapps.
* You have set up or used continuous integration
* You have had experience working on multiple projects, both large (1-year+) and small ( >3 months)
* You are familiar with monitoring systems, either open source or "Enterprise"
* You are familiar with technology like key/value stores, message buses, and RDBMS.
* You have setup or used Apache, mysql, Oracle, JBoss, nagios, perl, ruby, subversion, teamcity, activeMQ, git, Jira, or Fisheye


* You must be enthusiastic. 
* Years of experience & education can be traded for demonstrated knowledge and enthusiasm.
* You must be comfortable working in an interrupt-driven environment.
* You must share your learnings with the other members of the team.
* If you don't have all of these qualifications but are excited by the opportunity & motivated to learn, then you should apply!

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