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One thing I was hoping to describe at last week's PLUG meeting was a couple of
probable (unpublished) job opportunities. Well,
that number has grown.

While these jobs are primarily Java-related, Linux skills are prized.

* These opportunities are TBD, subject to change, unofficial, and are info only

I'm currently a senior technical writer for an identity management dot com
startup (local office is in Vancouver, WA), and it's been great.
We need more people, we have our series B  funding, and our  2013 sales is about
3x our 2012 sales. (Our last all-hands meeting
was in the south coast of Portugal, and I expect   somewhere  in southern Europe
early this fall.)

But our job requirements are currently in flux. While this is all unofficial, we
have been given the OK to spread the the word that we need more

1) If you're a JavaScript (or related) developer comfortable with Agile
methodologies, great. I'm guessing that we'll hire several for our local
office this year.

2) A Release Administrator -- we need one.

If you know Maven, Jenkins, Subversion, and Git, and understand the discipline
required to make sure production releases are done correctly,
we need you!

3) A Systems Administrator -- our sysadmin is in the UK, and I've been pinch
hitting for him here, in my spare time. (Official requirements TBD.)

I'm guessing this will be a contract position, for the time required to properly
configure a server rack with  a couple of hardware routers / switches /
load balancer. The meat of the job involves configuring a server with VMWare
ESXi, primarily for developers / QA / simulated deployments.

4) A Technical Writer -- we want people who can write original content from
newly developed code, built as new features for
our identity management products.  DocBook or possibly AsciiDoc skills would be
quite helpful.

*** If you have any questions, do email me. If you're a real candidate (not a
recruiter) I'll do my best to answer. (Recruiter emails will be ignored.) ***

Most of our code is open source

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