[PLUG-JOBS] Linux Kernel/Android Engineer(s)

Eric Thompson Eric at thefountaingroup.com
Fri Nov 21 06:52:30 PST 2014

Hello, I am seeking to locate one Senior Engineer and one Junior Engineer with the following experience:

1.       Android Experience - Must

2.       Linux, Kernel  and Device Driver Experience - Must

3.       Embedded Software Experience

The above and expertise in any of the following areas:

1.       Android Security, DRM (Widewine, Playready)

2.       USB, HDMI and SLIMPORT

3.       Graphics

4.       Camera/Imaging

5.       Connectivity (WIFI, BT, NFC, GPS)

6.       Sensors

7.       Hardware BringUp

8.       Linux and Kernel

9.       Android Framework

Please contact me if you are interested, thanks. I have an opening in the Portland area and Arizona.

Eric Thompson | Director
eric at thefountaingroup.com<mailto:eric at thefountaingroup.com>| office:  813-748-7783

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