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Richard Langis Jr. richard.langis at sun.com
Fri May 31 11:10:58 PDT 2002

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I was referring not to the diatribe, but rather to the FIRST instance. 
His use of the word was NO different than the rest of us (who use it), 
yet HE was singled out.

Craighead, Scot D wrote:

> That's bologna.  Jeme was singled out because he went way over the top.  He
> used the f-word over and over again in a single post as well as other words.
> It was his actions that caused him to be singled out, not who he is.
> The point that I was trying to make is not that we should censor him, but
> that he is hurting himself.  He is losing credibility by doing this.

s u n  m i c r o s y s t e m s

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