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Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Wed Oct 16 21:00:55 PDT 2002

I moved this to plug-talk because it's WAY off topic for the regular list.

Jeme A Brelin wrote:
>>In your opinion. I have a much larger view.
> How is your view "much larger" when it considers only immediate, selfish
> desires and fails to consider long-term social implications?

I recognized that others have the right to be narrow minded. Whether I 
agree with them or not, they have that right.

> They don't and I don't believe anyone implied that they did.  I wrote that
> they SHOULD and that failing to understand the inner workings of their
> systems is ultimately destructive to themselves and their society.

How is that?

I happen to also be a trained mechanic. But I don't think you should 
know how to rebuild a carb. to drive. Check the fluid levels, but not 

> But I
> didn't write that can't use those systems in some capacity without knowing
> how to use them to their full capacity.  That's absurd.  Hell, my father
> can work a VCR for some purposes.

You do realize that they've done survey's that say that 60% of all VCRs 
are flashing 12:00.

>>They have the RIGHT to be ignorant, if they choose to be. You know,
>>honor diversity and all that. You can't just honor diversity as long
>>as it matches your diversity.
> Wow.
> That kind of reasoning would lead one to statements like, "They have the
> RIGHT to have sex with their children." or "They have the RIGHT to shit in
> the park."  "Honor diversity, brother!"
> Nobody has the right to be destructive and ignorance is socially
> destructive.

Only to a point. We've had this discussion previously. I still say that 
it's not required for one person to know how to do EVERYTHING in the 
world. That's why we have Doctors and Computer Technicians. The Doctors 
fix people and the Computer Techs fix computers. They don't have to know 
how to do each others jobs, but they can know some of the high level 
details and get along quite nicely.

As far as honoring diversity, the guys that hate "people of color" have 
every right to hate them. It should only be a crime when they express 
that hate in a form that injures or harms someone else. Talking about it 
(in general terms) shouldn't be a crime. Threatening someone should be. 
This basic premise can be applied to any "group". Gays, lesbians, 
homophobics, blondes, men, women, etc.

>>>I absolutely reject the idea that there's nothing wrong with that supposed
>>>state of affairs.  Failure of the public to DEMAND the capabilities
>>>inherent in a general purpose computing device will lead a world in which
>>>such devices are not common, inexpensive, and available.
>>Then you reject the very premise that one can CHOOSE to be ignorant.  
> I don't reject the premise that one can choose to be ignorant.  I reject
> the premise that one SHOULD choose to be ignorant.

Who said they "SHOULD" choose that. I simply stated that they have the 
RIGHT to choose it, if they want. Call it the society for apathy.

>>Those who want to learn, will.
> ...and those who don't, should be shown why they should.

If you wish to try, be my guest. I've tried beating my head against that 
wall, and I now choose to teach those that are willing to be taught. 
Those that don't want to learn, won't, no matter how hard someone else 
tries to teach them.

>>And that is their choice! It's called freedom of choice. They can do
>>that if they so believe it's the right course of action.
> And I can help show them why it is NOT the right course of action.

Only if they want to listen.

>>You may not agree, and you can do what you want to try to change their
>>minds, but I'll still fight for their right to be ignorant if they
>>want to be.
> What does that even MEAN?  How do you fight for the right to be ignorant?  
> Will you work against education initiatives claiming that they violate
> people's freedom of choice of ignorance?

If you force your will upon others, yes. I will.

Russ Johnson
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