[PLUG-TALK] DSL? need static IP

Colin Dabritz colin at dabritz.org
Tue Aug 19 22:34:04 PDT 2003

I like easystreet as a very profesional and community oriented company.
They offer one static unrestricted ip, with reasonably priced options for
more.  They have supported the www.personaltelco.net personal telco project
(a local free wireless group) and freegeek a great community recycling and
free tech center, as well as other neat things.  My service with them has
been great (qwest on the other hand :/ )  Not sure how thier prices rate but
they seemed reasonable to me.
http://www.easystreet.com/services/easydsl/packages.html  Any questions i am
sure thier support line will be happy to answer and accomodate your needs.
Easystreet is also well connected, they Colo a lot of servers.  Let them
know dabritz at easystreet.com referd you ;)


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Hi everyone,

I am moving to the area, and I am looking for internet service. Currently I
have Speakeasy as my ISP but they say they cant service me in the area I
will be living. So I think I have decided to get the qwest DSL-pro. (1M up
and down) but I need an ISP to give me an IP (two IP's would be better) and
stuff, and I was wondering if any of you super cool linux people new of a
good ISP. Thanks


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