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Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Wed Oct 15 19:12:44 PDT 2003

On 15 Oct 2003 17:31:23 -0700
Russell Senior <seniorr at aracnet.com> wrote:

> >>>>> "Russ" == Russ Johnson <russj at dimstar.net> writes:
> Jeme> Rush hour is MUCH slower than bicycles.
> Russ> That's why there's a two or three block long blank space in
> Russ> front of CM ride by the time it get's on SW Broadway. No, it
> Russ> doesn't slow down traffic at all.
> I don't see what your problem with CM is.

I have no problem with CM, per se. I would love it if we all had environmentally sound ways to get everywhere we needed (or wanted) to go. It's the method I have a problem with. Especially when Jeme spouts off and gives Rich (or others) a bad time about dishing out "bad karma" to spammers, and then in the next breath, defends the CM rides as wholesome and good. 

That's where my bull being gored statement comes up. I have no doubt that from the riders perspective, it's a great time, and everyone is smiling. From the auto drivers perspective, it's a bad deal all around. He can't have it both ways. If spreading bad karma is bad for one, it's bad for all, no matter the intentions. 

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