[PLUG-TALK] University of Phoenix...

Michael C. Robinson michael at goose.robinson-west.com
Tue Sep 2 20:16:00 PDT 2003

Is University of Phoenix nationally accredited and 
comparable to Oregon State?

Is University of Phoenix on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 
being absolutely forget it, suitable for someone who 
wants to become a professional linux programmer and 
system admin?

Oregon State, what's a proper 1 to 10 rating for it
considering the same question?

True or false, People with enough Cisco certifications 
don't even need a bachelor's degree.

On a scale of 1 to 10, there will be enough jobs 
in the high tech industry three years from today?

And while I'm on the subject, since Ed's stuff is probably 
academically appropriate but not part of a recognized degree
program or certificate, what's the best thing to do 
to satisfy the political, a B.S. or a certification, 
end of the equation?

I'm interested in stability, my goal in college is to reach a
point where I can secure stable income and have stable employment.  
I don't care about wealth as much, though it's nice sometimes.
I am skeptical of ITT tech because it doesn't give you a
theoretical grounding, it is expensive, and you are limited
when it comes to advanced degrees.

True or False, University of Phoenix favors Solaris over Linux.

True of False, Linux is politically incorrect in the traditional

If the last question is true, how can people who still want 
a degree for the stability and credibility it can offer them 
best proceed pursuing a goal of Professional Linux Programmer
and System Administrator?

     --  Michael C. Robinson

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