[PLUG-TALK] Media smut...

Michael C. Robinson michael at goose.robinson-west.com
Wed Sep 3 09:55:15 PDT 2003

Is it just me or are there no decency standards in even 
broadcast television?  The stuff in just about any movie these 
days is one thing, but the WWF wrestling series and even many 
daytime commercials I'd say go too far.  Is it me or has it 
gotten worse lately?  I'm to the point where I'm afraid to 
watch any television because of how addictive a lot of frankly
despicable programs are.  Aren't there entrapment statutes 
regarding subliminal messages?  

It's shocking that public decency standards don't extend
to television.  Should it be permitted to do on network 
television what you can't do on the street?  It used to be 
staying away from smut was mostly an exercise in not 
subscribing to cable or satellite.

Nowadays, you can easily get flaky watching reality TV during 
the day.  By the time Conan is on, Fox is doing hard core.  
Hopefully, a lot of people would only have to watch fox once 
if at all at the worst time.  Unfortunately they give web sites 
you can make the stupid mistake of looking at.  I don't 
believe in the message Fox is sending with all the night time 
chat with me ads and the party girl series it's running.  If 
you put up with Blind date though, it's easier to watch a 
party girls.  Especially if your spirits are low.  I came 
so close to sites that wanted money for things I can't support 
that I've decided not to watch television at all anymore aside 
from maybe the news and OPB.  Even OPB can't be trusted anymore
I think it's gotten to the point where reality TV is a drug that
can affect anyone, with plenty of shows from the level of slighty
disturbing to stuff no decent person would ever start with or even 
feel comfortable talking about after, it's getting to be immoral
to watch TV at all.  It consider myself luck that I can be merely
embarassed that I've seen some of what's on.  Watching the stuff 
on there if you were dating though could easily cause a disaster.

Our society says your responsible for your own actions and you are,
however, I think where television is going these days is flat 
wrong?  You have to make decisions regarding certain activities 
arguably ahead of time.  If you decide to watch Blind date which 
I'd say is pushing it, your less likely to make the right 
decision when a hard core program comes on after.  Blind Date 
made you more vulnerable to hard core, though Elimidate on 
WB32 is far more damaging.  It makes me angry that the networks 
are taking advantage of momentary moral weakness.  It's been a 
long time I'd say since any of us have actually been entertained.

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