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John Sechrest sechrest at peak.org
Wed Sep 3 09:57:34 PDT 2003

"Michael C. Robinson" <michael at goose.robinson-west.com> writes:

 % Is it just me or are there no decency standards in even 
 % broadcast television?  The stuff in just about any movie these 
 % days is one thing, but the WWF wrestling series and even many 
 % daytime commercials I'd say go too far.  Is it me or has it 
 % gotten worse lately?  I'm to the point where I'm afraid to 
 % watch any television because of how addictive a lot of frankly
 % despicable programs are.  Aren't there entrapment statutes 
 % regarding subliminal messages?  

 It is not just you. The level of quality of TV dips to new lows on
 a regular basis. 

 % It's shocking that public decency standards don't extend
 % to television.  Should it be permitted to do on network 
 % television what you can't do on the street?  It used to be 
 % staying away from smut was mostly an exercise in not 
 % subscribing to cable or satellite.

 % Nowadays, you can easily get flaky watching reality TV during 
 % the day.  By the time Conan is on, Fox is doing hard core.  
 % Hopefully, a lot of people would only have to watch fox once 
 % if at all at the worst time.  Unfortunately they give web sites 
 % you can make the stupid mistake of looking at.  I don't 
 % believe in the message Fox is sending with all the night time 
 % chat with me ads and the party girl series it's running.  If 
 % you put up with Blind date though, it's easier to watch a 
 % party girls.  Especially if your spirits are low.  I came 
 % so close to sites that wanted money for things I can't support 
 % that I've decided not to watch television at all anymore aside 
 % from maybe the news and OPB.  Even OPB can't be trusted anymore
 % though.

 % I think it's gotten to the point where reality TV is a drug that
 % can affect anyone, with plenty of shows from the level of slighty
 % disturbing to stuff no decent person would ever start with or even 
 % feel comfortable talking about after, it's getting to be immoral
 % to watch TV at all.  It consider myself luck that I can be merely
 % embarassed that I've seen some of what's on.  Watching the stuff 
 % on there if you were dating though could easily cause a disaster.

 % Our society says your responsible for your own actions and you are,
 % however, I think where television is going these days is flat 
 % wrong?  You have to make decisions regarding certain activities 
 % arguably ahead of time.  If you decide to watch Blind date which 
 % I'd say is pushing it, your less likely to make the right 
 % decision when a hard core program comes on after.  Blind Date 
 % made you more vulnerable to hard core, though Elimidate on 
 % WB32 is far more damaging.  It makes me angry that the networks 
 % are taking advantage of momentary moral weakness.  It's been a 
 % long time I'd say since any of us have actually been entertained.

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