[PLUG-TALK] Media smut...

Paul Mullen pem at nellump.net
Wed Sep 3 12:27:34 PDT 2003

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 09:55:15AM -0700, Michael C. Robinson wrote:
> It's shocking that public decency standards don't extend
> to television.  Should it be permitted to do on network 
> television what you can't do on the street?  It used to be 

Why, there oughta be a law...!!!

> I think it's gotten to the point where reality TV is a drug that
> can affect anyone, with plenty of shows from the level of slighty
> disturbing to stuff no decent person would ever start with or even 

So turn your TV off. Better yet, get rid of it entirely. Short of having
something to view rented videos on, there are few compelling reasons to
even have a television cluttering your living room. You'll be amazed at
how little you miss it, and how much newfound freetime you have.


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