[PLUG-TALK] Media smut...

Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Wed Sep 3 12:57:45 PDT 2003

Paul Mullen wrote:
> So turn your TV off. Better yet, get rid of it entirely. Short of having
> something to view rented videos on, there are few compelling reasons to
> even have a television cluttering your living room. You'll be amazed at
> how little you miss it, and how much newfound freetime you have.

But, that's why I have my home theater system next to my computer...

So I can watch Survivor, Temptation Island, Joe Millionaire, and 
Paradise Hotel, and still surf to their respective websites without 
missing anything on the TV. Maybe I can get my ReplayTV to record Fear 
Factor too.

When those shows aren't on, I can watch one of my collection of movies 
that are little more than ~2hr commercials for Christmas' in years past.

Russ Johnson
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