[PLUG-TALK] Is there a stble 2.6 kernel yet?

Michael C. Robinson michael at goose.robinson-west.com
Wed Sep 17 19:37:03 PDT 2003

Been looking into getting a newer kernel that 2.4.20 and have found that
all the 2.6.0 kernels on ftp.kernel.org have test in their title.

Traditionally, any even minor number is supposed to be mean stable.
Yet the filename of the kernel even though the minor number suggests
production release says test.

I'm trying to get the soundmaker Cadenza built into the D845PEBT2
motherboard made by Intel working.  So far I can get alsa drivers
from Intel to load so I'm assuming the driver I need may not be
in the alsa distribution.  I'm trying to get it working on Redhat
9 but if someone can show me how to switch to get it up under
debian that would be greatly appreciated as it's really starting
to look like I should switch.

     --  Michael

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