[PLUG-TALK] Geez that Gate's is funny...

Michael C. Robinson michael at goose.robinson-west.com
Sat Sep 20 11:01:29 PDT 2003

Ran into a letter to the Senate regarding spam from Bill Gates 
through an article I started reading at http://www.open-mag.com.  
He's a real kidder if he thinks Outlook can stop spam.

RFC 2505 is fairly interesting.  Almost every recommendation 
it gives though is shot down.  It's to the point where one 
can only completely solve the problem of spam by only 
allowing trusted hosts to connect in and denying everyone
else.  Unfortunately, this breaks the way things are 
defined.  You can filter unwanted email I suppose and then 
go through it at leisure, but surely there has to be a 
better way.  For one thing, throwing spam away means it
was received which could be a liability issue.  

Why would I want to pay a lot of money for software that
I know has bugs that only one company can fix when I could 
hire a good programmer either myself, or as part of a group 
perhaps, to work on one of the GPL'ed alternatives 
customizing and debugging it to taste?  The advantage of 
using and if need be fixing OSS is that the licensing 
problem goes away and there is greater control over 
upgrades and features without the disadvantage of 
having to write everything yourself.  I wish I could find
an entry level position in a Linux focused company. 
All I get on plug-jobs are requests for stuff I don't
know how to do yet, stuff that demands more experience
than I currently have at a higher aptitude level, or 
stuff that requires relocating.  Considering that I'm
still working on a B.S. relocating is very hard.

     --  Michael C. Robinson

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