[PLUG-TALK] "LINE - uks"

alan alan at clueserver.org
Fri Aug 6 07:52:42 PDT 2004

On Fri, 6 Aug 2004, GLL wrote:

> If (or when) Linux ever makes it into the Red Counties, (or another way to put 
> this: If the number of non-programmer, non-developer USERS of Linux exceeds 
> the code-tweakers by 'enough,' say around 70 or 100 to one, or more,) I 
> wonder if the pronounciation debate (LEE-nux v. LINE-uks) will go the way of 
> to-MAY-to vs to-MAH-to - in other words those insisting on to-MAH-to 
> (LEE-nux) are seen as sophisiticated yet a little out of touch with the 
> "regular, normal" world. (quotes used to indicate an opinion held by a 
> hypothetical group of mundanes, not this author.)

Actually the pronounciation depends on if you are speaking Swedish or not.  
(At least according to Linus.)

Red states are not allowed to use Linux by law.  They have to buy only 
Microsoft software.  Their leaders have told them that "God Loves 
Microsoft and Microsoft Loves God".

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