[PLUG-TALK] Insurance vs. social guarantees

GLL guy1656 at ados.com
Tue Jul 6 07:53:03 PDT 2004

: > In a future
: > where the term "personal wealth" is meaningless that won't be so, but in
: > the place we live right now it's a problem to have no money.

: I hope that day never comes.
: There's nothing like removing incentives from working harder than the
: guy next to you to bring society to its knees.  If I didn't have to work
: hard to provide some 'personal wealth' (albeit very little), I'd be
: perfectly content to fiddle around with my computer all day, every day,
: and not go and be productive for the rest of society.

Agreed. If PERSONAL productivity is [net personal gain] over [effort 
expended,] (and note that for salaried positions this can sometimes mean the 
reciprocal of what an employer expects of you, but never for comission or 
piecework pay scales) then the outcome of [decent subsistence] over [zero 
social input] would be infinite, even greater than

[Own a $40billion company - taxes]
[effort to invent something of nearly universal value +effort to keep latest 
research outcomes current and valuable + distribution logistics.]

... and the most productive way to spend ones days is to live off the gravy 
train and amuse your mind as you may. (Next step, 'the Matrix?')


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