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GLL guy1656 at ados.com
Tue Jul 6 08:09:46 PDT 2004

: Russell Senior writes:
:  > Confidence might thwart attack.  Maybe gun-toters and society would be
:  > better served by counseling than packing heat.
: Maybe... and maybe not.  We're currently part of the ongoing
: experiment to find out.  And if nobody bears arms, then the data
: will be heavily skewed.

Another factor which skews the data is the sever under-reporting (due to its 
non-sensational outcome) of the instances in which a would-be victim 
successfully interdicts a crime and holds the aggressor at bay until 
authorities arrive to complete the arrest - all without a shot being fired.

Less frequent, but also notable, are the instances when a third armed party 
intevenes to stop a crime in progress, with the above result.

The media's bias against guns prevents these common citizens from being hailed 
as the heroes they are.


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