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=><=><= "a" == AthlonRob  <AthlonRob at axpr.net> writes:

a> On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 16:59 -0700, Jeme A Brelin wrote:
>> The media is unabashedly PRO gun.  Guns everywhere.

a> Depends - listen to the news and you'll hear nothing pro-gun.  I think
a> the news, be it local or national, is what Glen was talking about.  Or,
a> really, almost any other form of media (newspapers or magazines)... we
a> need not limit ourselves to television.

Actually, that was GLL who made the original statement.  I have no
idea whether "the media" is pro- or anti-gun.  But, I do agree that
when people say "the media", it seems to me that they're usually
talking about news outlets or, at least, opinion/editorial type stuff.

I, personally, am anti-gun.  But, I'm pro-gun-bearing and
pro-gun-owning.  I'm also anti-SUV and pro-SUV-owning/using.  And,
FWIW, I'm anti-nuclear-weapon-using and pro-nuclear-weapon-owning.

This whole "anti- vs. pro-" gobbledygook we see from the X-wingers
is nonsense intended to confuse weak minded people.  For my intellectual
lifetime, it seems to have started with the pro- vs. anti- abortion, life,
choice, hummanahummanah.  It's silly and divisive.

Imagine being on a team... like a soccer team... sure, in the locker
room or at the bar after a game, you bitch at each other, call each
other names ("Bob is an anti-passing ball-hog!").  But, when you're 
actually on the field, you try to use each others' skills, opinions,
predilections, etc. to the team's advantage.  If you went out onto 
the field and were yelling "Bob, you anti-passing idiot!  Shoot for
a goal!", you wouldn't be doing anyone any good... In fact, you'd be
harming the team and the defeating the purpose of the team.

That's what I currently think of pro-gun and anti-gun people.  They're
just people who can't leave the bitching at home and have no idea what
it means to play on a team.

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