[PLUG-TALK] Re: small shotgun?

AthlonRob AthlonRob at axpr.net
Tue Jul 13 17:55:26 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 17:18 -0700, glen e. p. ropella wrote:
> My original question way back at the start of this thread was: 
> Should I get a CHL and, thereby, alert the authorities that I have
> and carry a gun?  Or, should I just carry it without telling anyone
> I'm carrying it?  (I realize it's illegal.)

I musta missed the start of this thread.

I say get the Concealed Weapons Permit.  Isn't carrying concealed
without a permit a misdemeanor?  Not something you want on your record
if it can be avoided...

> The reason for this question is that when we finally do get around to
> banning guns (which I'm sure we will as the population continues to 
> grow and every inch of land is turned into "city"), if I've got a 
> _license_ of any sort, then the authorities know that I have a gun and
> will definitely visit my house looking for them... which will force me
> to keep my guns separated into two bins:  1) the ones the gub'ment
> knows about and 2) the one they don't.  I'll also have to hide bin 2
> fairly well.

Your permit doesn't specify the guns you own, though.  It simply says
you may legally carry a weapon concealed.  You don't tell them you have
a .38 Special, a .22 autoloader, and a Glock 19.... unless you buy those
weapons in such a manner so the government is informed.

> But, if I don't get any kind of license and buy all my guns privately,
> then perhaps they won't come to my house looking for my guns.

Yeah, if you have a license, they do have good reason to think you have
weapons, but have no way of knowing how many or what kinds (unless
they're registered through some other function)...

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