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Mon Oct 4 07:59:16 PDT 2004

: > a .44 black powder six shooter.
: Are you even able to find bullets for that or are you relegated to
: 'rolling your own' ?

Typically, cap-and-ball revolvers rely on a slight press-fit squeeze when 
loading balls into the cylinder. You know you got it just right when the 
lever action of the press shears off this eentsy ring of lead all around. 

.44 cap-and-ball revolvers typically load .457 roundball, and those are 
readily available. Meanwhile (Dave?) Corbin sells swaging kits for folks who 
REALLY wanna 'roll their own' (applies especially for rolling the cannelure 
around a jacket.)

Separately, since this is plug-TALK, personally, I gotta stick with the SHrub, 
evem though I have many reasons to loathe him - the foremost being that I 
think he's a lil' dumber than most -ANYBODY- involved in technology.

But Kerry fabricating that 'Treblinka square' imagery during the debate - did 
anyone catch that? He described actually 'being there' and going downstairs 
to some room full of KGB files.

Now, if he meant to say 'Lubyanka,' well that was a prison and torture center 
for political prisoners being processed out to the gulags, but Lubyanka 
wasn't a KGB center of operations, it was a 'regular' city police prison.

Treblinka, meanwhile, was a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. 

What the hell was Kerry making up? Sure he can be a great speaker, and roll 
numbers and factoids authoritatively out of his mouth, but how much of 
everything ELSE he said was just made-up bull-crap?

The previous post which set me off on this was the Kerry as priest thing = 
communion. For Catholics, despite the Novus Ordo attempts to make the Mass 
sound like little more than a communal 'meal,' (many of the 1970's era pablum 
songs they sing call 'altar' a 'table,' etc.) the Mass is still actually a 
'sacrifice.' Yeah, there is a Victim, and an Oblation, and all that. To 
associate Kerry in positive terms with a Catholic rite or title such as 
'priest,' given his anti-Catholic voting record is just INSANE.

It's like claiming that Bill Gates is good for Linux.

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