[PLUG-TALK] Michael Badnarik in PDX October 19

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Oct 15 14:58:31 PDT 2004

Amongst all the wackos here, there are some Libertarian wackos,
so this is for you.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik will endure yet
another reception at the Lloyd Center Doubletree hotel, Tuesday night
October 19, 630p to 900p (ask for "friends of Joe Tabor").  $25 at
the door for supporters, $25 for hecklers.   My guess is that it will
be around 70 people, so you will probably get a chance to talk to
Badnarik if you want.

There will be some fine folks there, and some real nut cases.  Help
us fill out the ranks of the nut cases by joining us! ;-)

And if you get bored, the Portland Nerd Dinner is happening at the
same time, across the street in the food court over at the Lloyd
Center.  That's mostly .NET Microsofties.  No entry fee, but I think
they have a EULA.

So, waste your vote, or vote your waist !   Just remember to do
it with love in your heart, and junk food in each hand!


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