[PLUG-TALK] Badnarik and choice

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sat Oct 16 11:15:47 PDT 2004

Russell Senior writes:

> On the other hand, in the election that now faces us, I have been
> saying this to people:
>   "There are times in this country when we can afford to be
>    delusional.  This isn't one of them."
> Despite the flaws in our electoral system that prevent a wider
> diversity of political choices, a real opportunity to express our
> preferences without being self-destructive, flaws that I think ought
> to be fixed ASAP, people who think as I do that Bush is a-rolling-
> disaster-that-must-be-stopped-before-it-kills-again have *exactly
> _one_ choice*.

Try reading "The New War" by John Kerry.  The rolling disaster is bigger
than you let on.  Kerry was deemed "electable" in the primaries because
he was the Dem candidate that came closest to Bush in historical behavior,
and thus could carve off the most votes.  This choice was made back when
most of the populace supported the war.  Kerry was a full voting
participant in the Iraq war and the Patriot Act and the Copyright
extensions ad nauseum.   In the 90's, Senator Kerry had floor debates
against Senator Ashcroft, with Kerry taking extreme anti-liberty positions
on issues like encryption and asset seizure.  Whatever comes floating
out of this man's mouth, and whatever hopeful fantasies some folks have
about him, when it comes to apples-to-apples measured performance
comparisons he comes out worse than Ashcroft, who most consider worse
than Bush.  I absolutely agree that Bush is a rolling disaster.  Kerry's
voting record is a flying disaster.  

I wish I had better news for you.

If the Democrats had picked an anti-war, pro-civil-liberties candidate,
even a raving Marxist, I would have held my nose and voted Democrat to
end the f***ing war and end the f***ing assaults on our freedom.  I
would certainly have voted for Dean.  But the Dems picked who they
picked, precisely because he is NOT better on these critical issues.
I would vote for Cobb or Nader (whom I have STRONG disagreements with)
before I would vote for the Bush/Kerry fascists. 

The "anybody-but" attitude is what saddled us with The Shrub.  It can
ALWAYS be worse - you are still alive with your family intact and a roof
over your head and food in your stomach, so please don't be "delusional"
about how bad things are relative to what they could be.  We will get
out of the toilet when we stop focusing on the tiny distinctions between
the turds floating in it. 

No, Badnarik won't be elected, but if the Badnarik votes make the
difference in even one state election, the DemoPublican handlers will
take a good hard look at what it will take to get us back into the fold,
come the 2006 congressional elections.  And we will have elections in
2006, and 2008, and maybe even 2010;  Bush/Kerry may be shutting down
our civil liberties fast, but Liberty is a tough old bitch and she will
take a while to kill.

So, can I put you down for one $25 "heckler" ticket at the Badnarik
event on Tuesday October 16, 630pm at the Lloyd Center Doubletree?

And Russell, is there any way I can help you prepare your Advanced
Topics talk, so you will have the time to reply to tell me how wrong
I am, and so you have time to heckle my candidate?  I may disagree with
what you say, but I will defend to the clock your right to say it :-)
If you want to have a cease-fire until Thursday, I will hold back the
responses until then.


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