[PLUG-TALK] Howdy from CharLUG

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Oct 28 19:33:41 PDT 2004

The dozen or so fellows that comprise the Charlotte NC Linux User
Group say Hey.  They meet in one of the training rooms in the 
CompUSA in south Charlotte.  Tonight their presentation was on
Asterisk PBX.  

The room was full of PCs running XP.  This was very distracting for
me, so I rebooted the machine in front of me with a Knoppix disk.  
Then I passed out Knoppix disks to the rest of them, so they did
not have to stare at XP, either.  

Sadly, they have port 22 blocked out of that CompUSA, so I could
not provide a live feed.  I should start another SSHD on my server,
listening to a different port, in case someone ever pulls that
nonsense again.  Suggestions for an alternate port number appreciated;
otherwise, I will pick a high unused service number at random.

At least the $40/nt MicroTel has free high speed internet.  The
$48/nt Homestead Suites in Durham tomorrow night does too.  This
is becoming a necessity for travel.


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