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Russell Senior seniorr at aracnet.com
Sat Sep 4 15:01:34 PDT 2004

>>>>> "Galen" == Galen Seitz <galens at seitzassoc.com> writes:

Galen> A recent study has shown that the danger of genetic problems
Galen> for offspring of cousins is much less than originally thought.
Galen> The US is somewhat alone in having laws against cousin
Galen> marriage.

Galen> http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/04/columns/fl.grossman.incest.04.09/

And of course, quite a few states do not outlaw first-cousin marriage,
Texas being an example.  In fact the person who was my best friend
when I was 6 years old, a Texan, did marry his first cousin.  Hell,
when I was 10 years old *I* wanted to marry my first cousin.  She was
10 years older than me and quite the package.

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