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Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Sat Sep 4 16:17:31 PDT 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Michael Robinson wrote:
> Not outlawing something isn't promoting it the way they did in Multnomah
> County with callous disregard for dissenting opinion and the not yet
> offered opinion of the state supreme court.

I don't think it's callous to stop discriminating as soon as you are made
aware of the offense.  In fact, it shows unusual sensitivity.

The move to stop denying same-sex marriage certificates puts the policy
toward same-sex marriage in Multnomah County in EXACTLY THE SAME CONDITION
as the policy toward cousin-cousin marriage in Texas.  How is one not
promoting and the other promoting?

> I don't appreciate pressure from a lobby that it is discrimination to
> oppose something I don't believe in.

If you didn't believe in blacks marrying whites, you would probably not
appreciate the pressure to end your discrimination.  That doesn't mean the
pressure is not warranted or good.

> I support a marriage amendment to protect marriage because there is
> clearly no alternative.

First, how is marriage threatened?  Have your parents suddenly become
unmarried because the two women who live next door to me are married?  In
fact, doesn't the end to sexual discrimination in marriage licenses
ENCOURAGE and LEGITIMIZE marriage as a whole?  It is a recognition that
marriage is an important, valued institution and should not be denied to
people simply because of their sex.

> The gay lobby has shown that it has no regard for dissenting opinion and
> that the decisions on gay and lesbian marriages are to be made by the
> supporters of that lobby only.

Again, should the people in the civil rights movement of the 1960s have
shown more regard for dissenting opinion?  Should they have acknowledged
the legitimacy of the segregationists?

It is impossible for minority rights to be achieved through democratic
means.  The majority rules and the minority is ruled.  That is how the
system works.  In our country, however, we have a judicial system that
exists largely to help mitigate (if not prevent)  minority oppression.
That system sometimes fails, of course.  We do what we can.

Putting the rights of a minority up for a vote of the people would have
resulted in a defeat of minority rights in every civil rights move in the
history of the world.  Minority rights are hard-fought battles AGAINST
public opinion.

> This is a divisive issue because that's the approach the gay/lesbian
> lobby has chosen attempting to not sway, but conquer public opinion.

How do you sway irrational hatred and disrespect, Michael?  Can you
describe a mechanism by which such a thing could be achieved?

> I believe our country is stronger than any minority lobby, no matter how
> well funded it is.

That's absolutely not true, Michael.  For example, the minority of media
outlet owners has near total control over public opinion.

As John Dewey once wrote, "government is the shadow cast on society by

> Those who scream human farming, abortion on demand, and gay marriage are
> cowards.

Heh... that's a new one on me:  "human farming".  Hilarious.

What's cowardly about standing up to institutions of power that have shown
many times their willingness to ruthlessly and utterly destroy those who
stand up in opposition?  I think that's just about the bravest thing a
person can do.

> The Roman Empire allowed gay marriage, it fell shortly after with
> serious problems developing in the Roman Legions as a result.  If the
> only way to oppose gay marriage is with a good shotgun, then I'll be
> cleaning mine shortly.

On my BLOCK there are at least three same-sex married couples, Michael...
absolutely nothing has changed in my life because of that.

Cool your jets, live and let live, love thy neighbor.
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