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Michael Robinson robinsom at robinson-west.com
Sat Sep 4 16:56:53 PDT 2004

As usual, you don't respect opposing opinions and are completely full of
yourself Brelin.  John Kerry is totally a radical socialist.  Tax the
rich and give it to the poor is an example of Kerry socialism. 
Socialism doesn't work, look at France and Germany where the opinion 
on Saddham was that containment doesn't makes sense despite a history 
of atrocities against his own people and neighbors.  He may not have
looked like an urgent threat today, but we need to change what we are
doing in the Middle East after the destruction of the Cole, the 
embassy bombings, and other incidents if we are truly committed 
to change there.  With Europe trying to open the box Saddham
was in, we had no choice but to go into Iraq and remove him 
into custody ourselves.  

The rich could be anyone whose fair game to target for
higher taxes in order to fund whatever those in government 
determine to be most important.  Never mind that that 
undemocratizes where that money goes and requires one to put 
his/her faith in buereaucrats and lobbyists.  Who will be 
labeled rich?  Will it be the anti gay marriage groups 
around the country?  Will it be conservative churches?  
Maybe conservative charities should be bled in favor 
of less conservative government alternatives.  By all
means though, tax Bill Gates at 75%.  After all, how
dare he be so rich and posess so much spending power.
Never mind studying the problems in the law that allowed
Gates to monopolize the industry, we need money stupid!  

How else would you make sure that the poor receive adequate food,
clothing, shelter, and healthcare?  Certainly the poor can't be taxed to
give money to the poor!

They aren't taxed now.  If you make below a certain amount, the
government gives you money.  Even if the "rich" aren't taxed, that
doesn't mean that wealthy individuals can't help less fortunate ones.
The more government has to help the poor, the less help the poor will
get.  It costs money to assist through a government instead of 
individuals, corporations, and non government charities providing
the same help.  As far as job losses go, it's the education system 
that needs to be fixed.  You can't protect jobs.  Want to make Europe
angrier, just introduce a bunch of new tariffs.  There are some who have
the wrong attitude about government, an attitude that it should take
care of whatever they themselves can't handle.  This is foolish and
makes for inefficient, weak government.  Some social programs are
sensibly provided by government, but government should not seek to
replace private and religious sources of aid to the
poor.  Government's help for the poor can easily get misguided,
especially with strong lobbies the likes of NARAL that have 
completely dominated the airwaves of free ( rabbit ears ) 
television standing in line to corrupt government charities
too as soon as a favorable executive takes office.

NARAL lobbies representatives and senators and tries to influence 
the selection of judges.  We are witnessing the moral corruption 
of the whole entire democratic party on all life issues, John Kerry
being the perfect embodiment of this.  The real problem is
if John Kerry gets to chose judges.  With his socialist leanings
bordering on atheistic communism the way he is trying to appeal
to workers and ignoring traditional religious doctrines that
most Americans follow, Kerry cannot become president.  He not
only ignores many traditional values, he will turn the courts
against those who don't agree with him on fetal stem cell 
research, abortion, gay marriage, and the war on terrorism.       

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