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Michael Robinson <robinsom at robinson-west.com> writes:

> Socialism doesn't work, look at France and Germany where the opinion 
> on Saddham was that containment doesn't makes sense despite a history 
> of atrocities against his own people and neighbors.

Look at Canada.  The UN lists Canada as the country with the highest
standard of living in the world, best in technology and best in health
care.  It's fairly socialist.  Socialism does work, totalitarianism
does not.

> He may not have looked like an urgent threat today, but we need to
> change what we are doing in the Middle East after the destruction of
> the Cole, the embassy bombings, and other incidents if we are truly
> committed to change there.  With Europe trying to open the box
> Saddham was in, we had no choice but to go into Iraq and remove him
> into custody ourselves.

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