[PLUG-TALK] Malpractice (was Prescription Drugs)

Michael Robinson robinsom at robinson-west.com
Mon Sep 6 09:07:18 PDT 2004

> Medical malpractice may very well be a significant and important issue
> to physicians, but as a health care cost it is a red-herring, waved
> around by the Republicans to distract voters and to enable continued
> looting.

Although it's not health care, explain the Archdiocese of Portland
having to go bankrupt to fend off a single civil suit alleging
sexual abuse with a demand for $115 million dollars?  I also am appalled
at the lack of sympathy toward an FAS baby, it's not the baby's fault
that he/she starts life as an alcoholic.  Maybe that's a case where 
the state takes your child if you don't get into treatment 
immediately and support similar care for the child.  I also
feel sorry for the child that is targeted as a strain on the health
care system, we were lucky to be born.  But the elderly are 
probably a bigger target, as people get older it's sad that there 
will be more pressure to hasten their deaths.  What a sick solution 
to medical liability, abandon your soul and turn on the elderly.  
In a state that narrowly passed doctor assisted suicide with so 
called PSU experts saying, the discussion is over, what can I 
expect?  I guess I'm just a dumb Republican that believes this 
country needs a health care system, even if it's an expensive 

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