[PLUG-TALK] Questions for Kerry...

Michael Robinson robinsom at robinson-west.com
Mon Sep 6 23:47:44 PDT 2004

Why did you try to negotiate a settlement with the Viet Kong
in Paris during Vietnam if that was a violation of the uniform
code of military justice for a naval officer?

Why should we support you if you claim to have committed atrocities
in Vietnam including, setting fires to villages and using a machine
gun against civilians without any compunction whatsoever?

Why Kerry did you tell Congress what crimes the men under you 
supposedly committed if those crimes are your responsibility?
You are responsible for the actions of the men under your
command, like Captain Kirk in Star Trek VI.

How Kerry did you win three purple hearts in Vietnam getting you
out of the conflict if your swift boat unit wasn't even considered
a combat unit?  How did your total time in Nam add up to only four 
months if there is a lot of paperwork involved in getting a 
purple heart?

Why have we heard nothing about attempts to avoid service in 
Vietnam even though it came out in your first campaign in 1970?

Kerry, if you believe that life begins at the moment of the conception,
when should government protect life?  Why did you vote against
the partial birth abortion ban?

What can you say about your twenty years in Congress?

Going to Iraq drew terrorists there to fight U.S. forces.  Aside from
being bad for Iraqis perhaps, how is that bad for American cities?

Why Kerry are you for fetal stem cell research if no cures have been
found?  Adult stem cell research has produced 45 or more cures.  Adult
stem cells can be collected from placentas and other sources without
murdering anyone.  Why not avoid controversy and stick with those stem
cells that are most promising?

Why Kerry when you were in Portland recently did the press neglect 
to ask very many questions?

If Bush says your service in Vietnam is honorable and has denounced
the swift boat controversy, why do you continue with it?  What Vietnam
diaries are still sealed senator and what do these Vietnam diaries

If you want more questions, try http://www.larslarson.com/

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