[PLUG-TALK] Virus storm

John Sechrest sechrest at peak.org
Sun Sep 12 16:15:59 PDT 2004

Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> writes:

 % May I refresh your memory of years past, those of us not school connected
 % would see 100-200 virus-spawned messages per hour in late August and
 % early September, every year.  I assumed it was due to clueless kids and
 % vacationing business sysadmins, causing a seasonal vulnerability.

 Actually, I belive it has something to do with all of this distributed
 machines getting brought all on to the same network. Just like
 the trench conditions in WW I. 7,000 students come to OSU
 after having spent the summer playing on thier new computer. 
 And just one or two of them are infected, and they all get on
 the same wire as 7000 other new computers, and poof, you
 have a virus fest. And then you have a HIGH speed network to the 

 Now multiply by the number of schools ...

 But I think some campus firewalls have gotten agressive about the
 network filtering. OSU did after last year. 

 % I see nothing like that this year.  And I am glad.  I'm sure there 
 % are the usual mobs of clueless kids, and some localized messes to
 % clean up at some schools,  but the kids are not infecting the whole
 % internet with their carelessness.  Whether that is due to better 
 % control by the sysadmins (at schools and elsewhere), a lack of new
 % viruses, or just dumb old luck, it is nice to see something going
 % right this year.

 Last year several campus melted... I think the agressive filters
 that were put in place prevented much of that this year, 
 but we will know for sure in 2 weeks. 

 % For those of you battling viruses as college sysadmins, thanks, you 
 % are doing your job, whatever stuff you are seeing is not leaking out
 % significantly.  But please, it is not psychologically healthy to
 % downplay your own success in protecting the broader net.  Congratulate
 % yourselves on a messy job well done!
 % Keith
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