[PLUG-TALK] winWord Typeface

Ross Brattain ross at principia.edu
Fri May 27 18:49:41 PDT 2005

Rich Shepard <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> writes:

> On Fri, 27 May 2005, Ross Brattain wrote:
> > Period plus two spaces is a convention, changing the convention isn't
> > being different or unique, because everyone else will follow and
> > drone-ness will be re-established.  In the worst case you will establish a
> > CRLF-LF or ^H-^? nightmare.
> Ross,
>    Was. Not is. Look at any printed (that is, typeset) publication.

It's always been the convention for input.  I've never typeset a
publication, I've only typed input into systems.  How does the program
tell that "Dr. Richard" isn't a new sentence without the two space
convention, and how do you trigger line-wrapping otherwise.

For typesetting it should be easier to shrink the period-space-space
to make it look proper, than to overload the period-space operator.

>    Of course, processed word documents too often have the intellectual
> nutritional content equivalent to processed cheese; particularly the type
> sold in plastic containers that's squeezed out.

Sometimes that is their purpose.  Their content won't be changed by
fewer spaces.

Processed cheese is marvelous in it's own way.

ross at principia.edu

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