[PLUG-TALK] discount book prices (was: My book)

Brent Rieck bsr at spek.org
Tue Oct 4 10:00:50 PDT 2005

Ed Sawicki wrote:
> My latest book is out and its bonus Web page is here:
> http://netsecure.alcpress.com

Congratulations on the book Ed.

I just happened to plug the ISBN into isbn.nu and found huge price
differences between sellers, which isn't so unusual, sorta..

I often see that older books still in print have a wide difference in
price between a well worn used copy and a fresh shrink wrapped copy,
which makes sense to me.

I've also seen older "new" books for much cheaper than new "old" books,
which seems reasonable.. a few cases of the older new books may have
been purchased on a $/lb basis from an independent bookstore going out
of business and the new owner is liquidating them.

But how does a brand new book have such a discrepancy in price when it's
only been on the market for a few days?

Do any of the people more familiar with the book business than I know
why this is?


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