[PLUG-TALK] Re: Moving to Portland

Edward Terry eterry at openboxbuilder.com
Mon Aug 14 07:29:50 PDT 2006

As it turned out, one apartment worked out much better than the others I
was considering, so I went ahead and signed a lease.  The manager was
very helpful; among other things, she didn't even hesitate when I told
her I have four cats.  The usual response I get at that point is "No."
She also had no problem with my installing a window unit, which a number
of places won't allow.  I'll be on the west side of Gresham, off Powell
Sreet; according to Google it's about 10 miles from work.  It's on the
bus line, so I'll be experimenting with Tri-Met.  I appreciate all the
help and advice.

I asked about Internet, and the maintenance man (who seems to know a
good bit about networking) highly recommends Comcast.  He says most of
the people in the complex have it and there have not been any problems.
TV/Internet/VOIP is $99 for the first 12 months.   I'm inclined to
give it a try.  Qwest is the local phone provider in that area.  Any
thoughts?  I take it Comcast gets along with Linux?  I'm running Fedora 5.


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