[PLUG-TALK] azimuth/elevation mount construction

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Mon Aug 14 19:02:33 PDT 2006

Russell Senior wrote:
> I want to build a platform to be able to accurately point an antenna.
> At a minimum, I want something that I can adjust monotonically, using
> manual crank arms or hand wheels.  The input doesn't need to have a
> linear response (i.e. one turn == X degrees of rotation), though
> that'd be a nice perk.  Thinking about how to construct one of these,
> the simplest thing I could think of is a jack screw kind of apparatus,
> like on a vice... turn crank, create motion.  A worm gear would work
> too.  Oh, and the parts need to be inexpensive.
> Okay, my problem is, I am not a machinist and I have no idea where to
> find this stuff that I am visualizing, what the parts are called (so
> as to search for or ask for) or whatever.  This more or less has me
> stymied.

Look at what telescope makers do.  I can be _very_ simple. 
How much weight do you need to support?

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