[PLUG-TALK] Wanna' Help a Lawyer Defend Against the RIAA?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Dec 29 17:19:38 PST 2006

   The lawyer defending Ms. Lindor in Brooklyn Federal Court (NYC) against
the RIAA's charges that she downloaded and shared music files so as to
violate copyrights, is asking for help. (As an aside, I find it rather
pathetic that the case has not been summarily tossed out because the
defendent does not own a computer, has never owned one, and has never used
one in her life.)

   Anyway, the request is posted on Groklaw:

   Many of you are exceptionally sharp and clever and can probably help the
attorney come up with questions for the RIAA's "expert" witness when the
latter is deposed in February.


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