[PLUG-TALK] Linuxfest NW

Piet van Weel pmvw at wbcable.net
Fri Mar 3 14:23:30 PST 2006


Taking Amtrak to Bellingham is very do able. :)

General hints.. When riding..
Do go first class...
    Extra room is worth the price.
    Plus a $2 gift certificate for the snack bar.
Also if you're like me and like the extra room...
    There is usually a wheel chair spot on the train.
    The chair next to it.. :) Has lots of extra room!!


Michael Rasmussen wrote:

>After what Dave, Keith, Eric and others had to say last night it seems I'd better
>prepare to speak at LFNW.
>My original plans for that weekend were to go to NW Crank in Wenattche.  To get
>the best of both worlds it seems the thing to do is ride home from LFNW.
>Some exploratory questions:
>Anyone here ...
>  going that could fit my bike in their vehicle for the ride up?
>  who'd feel OK with strapping a bike rake on their trunk? (I have the rack.)
>  who'd be OK with bringing my computer back to Portland with them?
>  who's taken Amtrak to LFNW and can report the good/bad of the experience?
>A nice bike route back will be 300 miles or so and I've already signed up for
>vacation days surrounding the weekend.  It's a very do-able ride.

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