[PLUG-TALK] Linuxfest NW

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Sat Mar 4 13:51:48 PST 2006

Galen Seitz wrote:
> Can you explain please?  How does that impact you?  I thought the bike
> was effectively carry-on unless it is boxed and checked.

The bike goes into baggage area and on the Cascades SEA-BEL route there is no
checked baggage.

I used the Amtrak email query to ask about it.  They replied (within a short
amount of time on a Friday afternoon) that the only bikes allowed on the
SEA-BEL leg are folding bikes.

I do have a Bike Friday folding bike, but strongly prefer to ride my Surly LHT
for a trip like the return from Bellingham.  It will be 300+ miles in two or
three days. 

> I notice there is an inconsistency on Cascades web site.  ...
> I sent them an email.

I'm curious about the reply.

I do know a lot of bike people in Seattle.  I've written to them and am
getting help on routing and planning.

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